3 reasons its not your fault that you are still injured

Last week we did a post on the 5 reasons you are still injured and how it’s your own damn fault.

This week we want to touch on 3 common reasons why it isn’t your fault and how to look out for these common occurrences.

Nobody ever wants to get injured and when they are it can leave them in a very vulnerable position. We think that all practitioners provide good treatment or that “expert” on the Internet is actually credible…

I would say we are hopeless optimists who don’t have a clear view of the pitfalls of being injured and seeking treatment…

So let’s try to keep you from falling victim to some of these bad things.

  • Incorrect or incomplete diagnosis: This is a HUGE one. So many practitioners and doctors try to give you a junk box diagnosis for your problem based on what they are trained in, instead of what you truly have. A lot of this blame can be shifted over to the insurance companies as doctors are trying to fit their bullshit realm of care and treatment hurdles. Doctors have been forced to become inefficient in rendering a diagnosis all in the hopes of seeing more patients and trying to make a reasonable fee what they do. The people that get hurt the most are the patient. You can’t start any treatment without the correct diagnosis first.
  • The treatment is wrong for your problem: “So much therapy and money is wasted when the doctor convinces himself that they are doing the right thing and the patient is happy to participate in the illusion.  Chances are if you are on visit 18 or 20 in your current plan and you aren’t significantly better that the treatment isn’t the one you need.  So many treatment systems out there focus on exactly what the doctor happens to trained in and they will continue to hammer away at the problem, even though it isn’t working.
  • Insurance companies being ridiculous: This one makes me sad when it happens, and unfortunately it happens all the damn time.  Insurance companies don’t want you to ever get fully better; if you get better then it’s bad for business. The end goal of the insurance company is to collect your premium, deny as much care as possible and keep their shareholders happy. They could care less about your problem and make you (and the doctors) jump through endless hoops just to get a little portion of the coverage you pay every month for. It’s a damn shame what these crooks have done and have led to people having to suffer more than they need to.

I was a little harsher on this post than most, but it all needed to be said. People who are injured deserve better diagnosis, treatment and care than what is currently being offered in our broken medical model.