5 rules to stay healthy

But I don’t want anyone to suffer through an injury. I have said it many times — being injured sucks!  So in order to save you some aggravation, pain and even a little bit of money, I have decided to put out a post on how to stay injury free.


“Health is an essential component of happiness. If you don’t have health, chances are you aren’t too happy.” ~Dr. Bill Brady.

We all want to be happy and healthy, nobody wants to be hurt or be in a constant state of pain.  So here are some rules to live by and practice so you can stay healthy.


Listen to your body; it takes a ton of abuse and bullshit from you before it ever starts to complain. Listen to pain and symptoms; it’s the first warning sign from your body that something isn’t right. Watch out for fatigue and signs of over-training.


A majority of injuries come from repetitive overuse, doing the same movements everyday. Have a variety of movements. Don’t just do one thing. Whether it be CrossFit, running, yoga, or swimming, vary these activities and sprinkle in a bit from each one. This will keep you from developing those repetitive strain injuries.


Use without abuse. If you always go 100% every day, you are always creating a deficit as far as recovery. Imagine if you felt great after a workout? Vary your intensity days — go hard 2 days a week and 70% to 80% 2 days a week.


This is where foam rolling, mobility work and stretching come in. These are good for pumping blood through the muscles. It also serves as an early warning, if something is going wrong or just doesn’t feel quite right. These movements are great when you aren’t injured, similar to brushing your teeth every day.


Go get a massage. They are great for relaxing and to help you recover. Go take a private yoga class or get some acupuncture done. All of this stuff is great for recovery and to help your body feel good.

So if you want to avoid being injured and stay healthy, follow these rules. They will keep you out of my office and help you save a little bit of money in the long run!

Our blog post next week will be a really important one. We are going to address the epidemic that has become “self-treatment and self-diagnosis” for an injury.

Thanks for reading.