Don't let the MRI dictate everything about the treatment

If you are in the unlucky club of people who have suffered an injury bad enough to warrant an MRI then this article is for you. I am an unfortunate member of that club as well.

This is also for people that may suffer an injury down the road in the hopes that they don’t go through what so many people have encountered during the MRI diagnostic process.

I always say it, being injured sucks!

It’s even worse when you have messed yourself up so much that you need to get an MRI.

I don’t know about other people, but for me getting an MRI was some pretty scary shit.

They essentially put you in a tube and there’s a bunch of loud noises.

The person running the machine tells you to lay still and relax.

Yeah easy for you to say dickhead from behind your “safety” glass.

Once that is finally over you feel a huge sense of relief…for about 10 minutes.

Then on the drive home you start playing through all the scenarios of what could be wrong and trying to convince yourself that it will be okay to be a cripple the rest of your life.

Now the worrying really begins as you wait…

And wait…

And wait…

For the results to come in.

Finally a week later you get a call from the doctor’s office to come in and go over the results because they can’t tell you over the phone. (It’s just a trick to get you to come in so they can bill your insurance again for an office visit.)

Now the moment of truth!

But not before you wait another hour in the waiting room for the doctor because he’s just “a bit behind.”

Eventually you get taken back and you’re not even that worried anymore, just more frustrated that you lost an hour of your life staring a kid’s highlights magazine in the lobby.

You sit down with the doctor; he takes a look at the report and has this look on his face like you really are screwed.

He starts showing you some images and using a bunch of big words to let you know he is in fact smarter than you.

He tells you that it needs surgery and blah blah blah…

The blah blah blah comes in as filler because at that point you feel like he just kicked you in the stomach.

You finally come to your senses and realize you have just been scheduled for surgery.

You think, well he is a doctor and was wearing a white coat so this must be exactly what I need.

I will say there are some cases when surgery is totally needed, I would put it in the 5 to 10 percent range, where things are just so blown up that there is no other way.

I urge people to always consider other opinions and problems leading to the injury.

Yes something can look bad on MRI, but that isn’t the whole story. Things get degenerated and beat up from people overloading the tissues every day.

Unfortunately surgeons try to make it out that surgery will be nice and easy, wham bam and thank you ma’am.

It’s not that cut and dry and a lot of people end up getting unnecessary surgery based solely on what the MRI is showing.

Here’s one thing a lot of people don’t realize…

MRI’s are not 100 percent effective in detecting problems and radiologists DO make mistakes from time to time.

So I BEG you if you are about to have surgery just because the MRI doesn’t look too great please take the time to consider all other options.

The MRI is just one piece of the diagnosis; it should never be the whole story.

In closing, I have seen patient’s who have MRI’s that look as if there was no way this person is even alive, yet they are functioning just fine.

I have also seen people that appear to have “nothing” on MRI that are in horrific pain.