Enough with all the nonsense!

Being injured sucks! Stop feeding into ridiculousness!

I needed a break from writing and blogging for the past two months to truly be able to assess the droves of wrong and downright dangerous information that is rampant in the musculoskeletal world when trying to find a solution to an injury.

As I took time to reflect on a majority of wrong and inaccurate information regarding injuries one clear fact came to fruition…

We are the most impatient, instant gratification and quick fix society in the entire world!

Patience is definitely not a virtue for us and it shows with the lengths and dangers that people will go to get that “quick fix” for an injury, even if it could lead to disastrous consequences down the road.


  • We want the quickest and cheapest solution there is, and we want it right now!
  • We also expect that our insurance companies are going to foot the bill for good treatment.
  • We think that a cortisone shot is a great idea or that taking some Advil should do the trick.
  • We think that simply throwing some tape on an injured area will make it good as new.
  • We think that if we just jam a lacrosse ball into the area that hurts or wrap it up in some floss it will fix everything.
  • We automatically assume that if something is tight or weak that we need to stretch and strengthen it.
  • We default to the internet, coaches or friends when trying to make the complex diagnosis of an injury.
  • We start to believe that our bone is just out of place and needs to be put back in about 80 times in a calendar year.
  • We think that proper rest and recovery is detrimental to our training gains.
  • We think that ignoring pain is the cool thing to do and is just weakness leaving the body.
  • We think that we won’t get older and that there are no consequences to beating the living shit out of our bodies every day.
  • We are unable to respect own basic physical limitations and simply ignore basic biomechanics.
  • We think we can fix everything with a couple quick exercises and stretches.
  • We are in denial about being injured and hope if we ignore it that it will just go away.

The problem with all the above beliefs is that the internet, lousy doctors and some jackass who doesn’t have a clue, but does have a computer and a camera, has ingrained them in our minds.

Be careful of the know-it-all who knows nothing.


This is a plain and simple, hard truth.

I am fed up with the never-ending bullshit that has become rampant in trying to fix an injury and will be making a huge paradigm shift in my blogging efforts going forward.

My new goal will be to help others become better informed on injuries and how to get a true resolution for their ailments and pain.

My blog, social media and YouTube channel will be fully focused on allowing people who are injured and in pain to become informed so they can get what they deserve in fixing an injury.

No gimmicks.

No nonsense. 

Just the facts.

So that YOU can be better informed.