Getting value out of treatment

This is the last part in our series that has examined the rigors, challenges and logistics of our current medical model and trying to get resolution for pain and injuries.  

My mentor, Dr. Brady, describes value as the following: “Value is what you pay for what you get.”

You never really know when you purchase a service if someone else out there could have done it better.  Service is tricky, it’s not like a normal business transaction when purchasing something — you are buying what the person promises and explains. You are putting a lot of hope and faith into that person.  It’s not like buying an item that you can actually see.  You are essentially buying the person.

As we shown in our second post, it’s really hard to know if a doctor or practitioner is good. We all assume that everyone provides good quality treatment – we are all doctors after all.


We have touched on what happens in an earlier post of the challenges when you go to someone just because they take your insurance and the level of care they are forced to provide.  So what is all this value stuff I am talking about?  At the end of the day will this solve your problem?  This can prove to be a daunting and very difficult task, but is extremely important.

We have to force ourselves to not think about the cost of the service, but more of the true value.

Another Dr. Brady quote: “Where else in life is your cheapest solution your best solution?”

So you go to a doctor, PT or chiropractor that takes your insurance and your co pay is only 20 bucks.  They put you through the same treatment every time and they are forced to treat you based on what is covered.  At the end of all the treatments, co pays, travel time, sitting in office, etc. you still have the problem because they weren’t able to provide what you truly needed. They are handcuffed by insurance regulations and/or their own ignorance in figuring out what is wrong with you.  In the end, this actually proves to be more costly.

All treatment must have an accurate and complete diagnosis.  Without this, treatment will never actually work.  Any treatment done without a proper diagnosis is a low quality one.  At the end of the day, your pain/scar tissue/injury doesn’t care if it is or is not covered by insurance.

The goal is for you to not have your pain/injury anymore.

If you insist on doing low value treatments to save a little bit or money it will actually cost you more in the long run.

One last quote from Dr. Brady, “I’m the most expensive provider, but still the best value.”

We only get one body and we do a hell of a job abusing it. When it gets “broken” it deserves the best care in the world and to have the problem fully resolved.

Thanks for reading.