How important is mobility?

It has really come front and center in regards to importance.

Mobility is the key component to staying injury free and performing at a high level.  

EVERYONE knows that mobility is important and every good trainer/coach preaches about it. Mobility can be a limiting factor in many instances, even going as far as keeping you from achieving a lofty goal that you gave everything for.

I had a talk with one of my very high level and elite athletes the other day. This athlete was a regional competitor in the Crossfit Games in 2014. They missed going to the games last year — by one damn spot. Just one spot!  Talk about disappointment. The athlete told me directly that the only thing that kept them from getting to be on ESPN was their mobility issue.

It’s hard to really say much in those circumstances, expect for the fact that it really sucks.  Having lousy mobility can have a way of wreaking havoc on your training, or even worse can lead to a bad injury.

Getting back to the title of this blog — Chasing That Unicorn Every Day.

I am glad that mobility has become a great buzzword for people, because it can truly make or break you.  Athletes spend countless time “working” on their mobility.  They foam roll. Foam roll again. Then foam roll some more just to make sure they got it all.  They do every single mobility WOD in the best selling book “Becoming a supple leopard.”  They put rock tape on everything.  They stretch, a lot.  All of this is done with the hope and promise of better mobility.

People really do put a concentrated effort into getting better mobility and truly do work at it.  I definitely give people credit for being so persistent with it.

The part that really sucks is none of that above-mentioned stuff does jack shit to actually improve the function of the muscles.

We have been trained, and I feel almost “brainwashed” into thinking that all that mobility work will really help us, thus improving our performance.  I guess I am an outspoken critic of the “mobility” movement.  I feel bad for people that really do work at their mobility, but really never see any long-term improvement in their mobility. But they keep trying and trying…Always chasing that unicorn.

Back to my CrossFit athlete…

Don’t get me wrong they were persistent as hell with their mobility work every day, but in the end it never really got any better.  That kept them from achieving their ultimate goal of getting to the games.  And that really downright just sucks.  I have been told that in order to continue to give out good content I need to have an action step for people.

Here’s the best action step I have ever given:

If you have decreased mobility and pain that is limiting you from reaching your true potential there is really only one thing to do:

Get it fixed by someone who actually knows what they are doing.

Hopefully, someone who specializes in the diagnosis and successful treatment of scar tissue.  You don’t need to stretch more, roll more, mobility WOD more or tape more.

You need to get that dysfunctional tissue fixed, for good!

Get your life and mobility back by getting that tissue healthy.  Say goodbye to never-ending “warm up” sessions just to get the illusion of “better” mobility.  We did a YouTube video a few weeks ago about what stretching really does when you are injured.