Setting realistic goals and expectations for your training.

“ I am going to run marathon this year no matter what..”

“I want to be able to lift more weight than anyone else in the gym…”

“I really just want to tone and tighten up…”

“ I want to lose 50 pounds this month…”

I am sure all of us have had some lofty and pretty much unrealistic goals in our life that looking back on really were just setting us up for failure.


When looking at our goals I always try to implement the SMART system:






They all seem like very legitimate components of a really solid goal achievement system.

In this blog post I wanted to add another component to that system…

Is this fitness goal/exercises PRACTICAL and SAFE given my current state of health and overall functioning of my body???

In so many cases it really isn’t safe or practical. People come in with an attitude and desire to do it no matter what, regardless of how it may destroy their body.

People say, “well I committed” to said goal, and I have to do it, so I will just deal with the consequences after.

Well I am here to serve as a point of caution.

No sticker on the back of your car, medal, trophy, sweet t-shirt, sense of accomplishment is worth doing permanent damage to your body and feeling like garbage when you are in your 50s and 60s.

I beg of people to please have an accurate depiction of your state of health and current reality of where you are at before going blindly into a regiment or fitness goal that is only going to destroy you in the long run.

Set goals and fitness regiments that are going to better yourself and be realistic/attainable. Setting a lofty goal that is never going to really happen is only going to frustrate you and make you feel defeated.

Eat better, move better and be healthy is the way to go.

Your future self will thank you for not destroying your one and only body.

I leave with one last caveat:

You can’t out train, out run or out eat bad mobility and lifestyles.

If you still aren’t convinced and want to run that 26.2 miles or lift more than the world’s strongest man then please do me a favor and get your mobility issues fixed by a qualified soft tissue practitioner.

Thanks for reading and keep moving!