The Bob Vila Effect- Trying to fix your own injury

Being injured sucks.
It always sucks.
It will continue to suck.
Until the end of time.

Pain associated with injuries has a way of robbing you of attention and keeping you from doing the things you truly love.  When the pain is bad enough, it can even keep you from being able to sleep or focus on anything else.

So why is it that…

When our car breaks down, we know to take it to the mechanic.  When the pipes in our house burst, we call the plumber.

Sure there are the brave few out there that are “do it yourself-ers” no matter what the situation might be, but let’s be honest…that usually ends up being more disastrous in the long run.

Cars, plumbing and electrical issues usually involve some pretty complex problems that require an expert, and we make the conscious decision to take our problems to those experts to get fixed.

The human body on the other hand might be the most complex structure in the entire world.

With all the complexity that is associated with the body, the lengths people will go to try to fix their own injuries continues to amaze me.

Have you taken part in some of these:

  • Smashing things with a lacrosse ball, barbell or whatever new torture device you can come up with.
  • Wrapping things in colorful and useless tape.

  • Kinesiology Tape: Friend or Dangerous Foe?
    My Article on BreakingMuscle.Com
    (Click Photo To Read)Or even worse:
  • Stretching the ever-living hell out of muscle to get that range of motion back.

There’s nothing like dealing with an injury to help bring out your inner Bob Vila.

When we are injured we want the cheapest, fastest and easiest solution.

To quote my mentor Dr. Bill Brady…

“The problem with a cheap solution is the solution part, it doesn’t work.”

I can sympathize with the desire to want to be empowered and try to “fix” an injury considering the current medical model is often 95 percent wrong on accurately diagnosing injuries. 

Needless to say people have definitely become skeptical of practitioners and have been forced to resort to "do it yourself model." I don’t blame people for being skeptical, because the majority of those doctors don’t have a clue.

The main focus of my blog is to shed light on a very important fact:

The body is infinitely complex, and when it becomes injured it needs an expert to actually fix it.

That expert is someone who makes a makes an accurate and thorough diagnosis, with the proper corresponding treatment for what YOUR problem needs!

You owe it to your body and your injury to adequately address the injury and get it fixed by a true expert.

Please do me a favor and quit “smashing” muscles…did you know that they (your muscles) actually hate it??

How do I know that?

Because it hurts like hell!

Proper treatment should be a little uncomfortable, but effective!

If you are in agonizing pain, chances are – you are just pissing off the muscle even more.