The Self-Diagnosis Epidemic

With almost too much information that we have nowadays, especially on the Internet, people tend to get distracted from the type of treatment they really need.

Your typical case would be a person who has been battling with some sort of symptom, so they get on Google, type in their symptoms, and BOOM! — 100 different answers on what they might have.  So they rifle through all the answers and whatever they feel is most related or the best fit for their lifestyle, they choose and self diagnose, completely leaving an actual doctor’s opinion out. Why? Because it’s free.

It’s bad enough to diagnose yourself, but at what point have we ever been able to solve a problem without knowing what the problem even is?  We haven’t.  An analogy I like to use is, when your car breaks down, you don’t even hesitate to bring it to the mechanic, because you know nothing on how to fix the issue, and you can’t be car-less.

When your body is showing you symptoms, like the check engine light flashing, we chose to go a different route: self diagnosis. Why is that?

In our society with a million answers to one question, we have been trained to find the fastest, cheapest, and easiest route on fixing a problem.  It’s the whole DIY lifestyle.  Yes, that’s great you can fix your sink, or transform an old door into an antique table, but there is a vast difference between DIY: Home Improvements and DIY: Fix Your Body. That should never even be an option.

We all want one size fits all, but it’s not realistic.

Everyone is a different case and no matter how much the symptoms might match, you still need to see a specialist to find out what the actual problem is.  That being said your health and wellness should be your priority. If it isn’t, you should really re-consider your priorities, because you might be “okay” now, but what will your future be like?  If there is one thing that I hope you can take from these blogs, it is that your number one investment should always be yourself.

Follow up for Part 2 of this blog: Is your doctor making the diagnosis based off honesty and integrity, or dollar signs?