The self treatment epidemic

Before I write anything more on this post, I want to clear one thing up – this is directed towards people that are injured.

What is my definition of being injured?

An injury is some type of dysfunction in the musculoskeletal system that is causing pain, limited mobility, decrease in activity level and any type of reproducible symptoms.

This isn’t a post geared to how to stay healthy or 10 tips for a better whatever…

It is a post to reach out to people that meet the criterion of being injured as mentioned above.

I have said it many times, being injured sucks. It has a way of sucking the life out of you. It robs you of attention and keeps you from being able to do the things you love. If the injury is bad enough the pain associated with it can ruin your life. Needless to say having an injury with a lot of pain can really mess things up.

When we are injured we want the following to happen:

  • We want it to go away very quickly, with minimal effort.
  • We don’t want to spend a lot of time or money on the problem.
  • We never want to deal with it again.
  • We would like to be able fix it ourselves.

Unfortunately getting a resolution for an injury doesn’t happen that way.  It’s going to cost money, its going to take time and will take an expert to make sure it is fully resolved, which sucks because it doesn’t fit any of the criteria of what we want to happen.

I always start a blog post with the question of “Why I am writing this?”

The why for this post is to help people get better informed on this on going epidemic.  It really is an epidemic. People are doing dangerous “treatments” without thoroughly understanding the true diagnosisYou have to have the proper diagnosis before you start any treatment methods. Without it, the results will always be incomplete.

The follow-up two part series is going to focus on the pitfalls of self-diagnosis and the dangers of self-treatment.  I will not be bashing anything out there, just simply bringing forth some facts about the methods out there for “fixing” injuries.  Being injured sucks, you deserve to be informed and make the best decision regarding your health.  Avoid the epidemic that is out there and get a full resolution for your injury/pain.  Look for part 1 starting next week.