There are no magic exercises to fix your injuries

As you can tell by the headline and title of this article I am definitely being a little snarky. I get this question a few times every day in my clinic…“So what exercise should I be doing to fix this?” I used to get mad at this question and come back at the patient with hell and fury, but as they say you always catch more flies with honey than vinegar. Now when I get this question I just smile and give a true and honest depiction of what is going on. It goes something like this… Usually at this point the patient can tell I am working pretty hard. I also work in Florida and I usually live my life with some level of a constant sweat.

I smile and say to the patient “ if I had a magic exercise that was going to fix this problem don’t you think I would of given it to you by now and avoided having to do all this work? Plus I would be rich because I would of sold it to the rest of the world!” Let’s just be honest here. Injuries and pain really do suck. Not being able to do the activities that you love or just have pain that ruin your day/sleep is pretty harsh.

Anyone out there on YouTube or the Internet that gives you a spiel about some exercise that will fix your injury is in fact quite wrong and in some cases can be dangerous. Trust me exercise is a great thing and I love people to get up and get moving. I applaud people for wanting to take an active role in trying to fix their injury, but that can actually end up being a big problem as we covered in an earlier blog post :

Fixing your own injuries. But if you honestly believe that a few simple exercises will undo a ton of pain from all your dysfunction then you are in for a lot of disappointment. So if you are dealing with an injury or pain and have tried some exercises that you found on the Internet, or you doctor printed out for you the likelihood of them working is pretty low. In the majority of the cases your problem is a mechanical problem that needs a mechanical fix.

The mechanical fix is a soft tissue specialist that is able to get in with their hands or an instrument to remove the dysfunction. If the problem was a simple fix that only needs a few stretches and exercises to fix then why are so many people still injured? Thanks for reading and take care of your body.