Why I stopped doing A.R.T. (Active Release Technique)- Part 2

Last week we dove into my journey with ART and the ups and mostly downs of it.  In this week’s post, I wanted to go right into what is fundamentally wrong with ART.  As we ended the post last week I shared what the ART “process” is, and we ended with one pretty significant thought:

There is no mention of making a diagnosis prior to performing ART.

To me, that is crazy!  Almost every state licensing board essentially says you must always render a diagnosis prior to delivering treatment.  So what I take from all of this is the following:

If you are making a diagnosis prior to doing ART then technically you aren’t doing ART.

All of this began to make sense to me to as why I was continuing to get only temporary results with ART and the source of all my frustrations.  Where else in the world can you fix a problem without knowing what it is first?  Basically, ART is teaching a ton of treatment, but completely disregards the process of figuring out where that treatment needs to be applied.

Luckily, I was able to stumble upon the Integrative Diagnosis system and it was a complete game changer for me.

The focus was on first diagnosing the dysfunction, and then applying the correct treatment where it was needed.  ART teaches that the patient points to the chart and tells you what hurts. Based off that, you are expected to perform the protocols. The issue here is that the symptom is rarely the main issue, just the area that is getting overloaded due to something else not working correctly. Following just the symptom chart can send you down a rabbit’s hole that you can’t get out.

People will describe something like this with their ART encounter:

“I went there and they did a good job and I definitely felt better. Eventually, the problem came back and I needed to go again.”

This happens because ART doesn’t focus on the diagnosis of the dysfunction, but just chooses to address the symptom.

As my mentor always says, “function always trumps symptoms.”  Dr. Brady was a longtime ART instructor and his article does a great job of breaking down what ART got wrong:

So, in closing, I want to clear up one thing:  The Integrative Diagnosis system is on a whole different level than ART. When people say they are the same it often offends me, because they couldn’t be any further from one another