Numbness, Aching, Burning, Pain? Might Be Nerve Entrapment


This is a very frequent problem that I end up seeing in my office every week and often these problems are diagnosed inaccurately, which leads to bigger problems in the long run because the problem wasn't figured out.


So do you have any of the following?










If you said yes to any of these there is a pretty good chance that you might have a nerve entrapment.


What is a nerve entrapment?


In the most simplest form nerves need to slide and glide in between muscles to get out to the rest of the body. In many cases the nerves get tugged on too much due to increased demands of life, especially exercise or sitting. This increased demands lead to the muscles getting stuck or glued to the nerve, leading to all of the problems listed above.


Many doctors do a pretty lousy job at accurately diagnosing these problems, often leading to a more extreme treatment of trying to move the nerves or perform some type of surgery to try to “free” it up.


This should always be your LAST resort, but often it is the first place people start and it causes a lot more problems down the road.


If you are having these problems the first step would be to get to a doctor that is trained in finding and fixing what is called adhesion.


Adhesion is very similar to what is called scar tissue. Adhesion causes a lot of problems. The biggest include:




Decreased flexibility.


Luckily adhesion is completely reversible with expert treatment by a doctor trained in the Integrative Diagnosis System.


So if you are having the pain, numbness, tension or burning it can actually be fixed for good before you have to go to extreme measures.


Take care.


Dr. Maggio