Vlog # 7: Why You Should Pay for All Your Treatments Up Front.

In today's blog I am going over a subject that might be foreign or new to many people out there in the injury world, it's called a case fee for your problem, instead of a visit by visit as almost everyone else does.

In my office we work on a case fee and in all honesty it has the best possible outcomes for everyone involved. We are inherently short sighted when it comes to getting a solution for our injuries, often bailing on the process before it even had time to manifest.

When I present this concept to potential patients it can throw them off a bit, but once you think about it really makes sense to make sure you are on board for treatment and that the doctor can do their thing and fully fix you.

Getting your problem fixed can take time and its always best to be sure you are committed to the process, instead of just dabbling.