Why You Shouldn't Have Knee Surgery

Why you shouldn't have knee surgery:


Millions of people all across the world have surgery on their knee every year. It is a huge industry all over the world, but even more here in the United States.


The key issue in deciding on knee surgery is actually one simple question...


Did you have direct trauma to the knee or did the pain come without a real mechanism of injury?


If you had no direct injury to the knee itself you definitely aren't a good candidate for knee surgery.


The knee is the whipping boy of the body and usually gets beat up when other things aren’t working.


We made a video about this very topic listed below:




Have you had knee surgery and still feel same, or even worse?


If so there is hope for you if you can find a biomechanics doctor that focuses on looking at the function of the entire lower body to see what the knee is really getting beat up.


If you are considering knee surgery please take the time to ask the surgeon questions about the function of your ankle and hip as well.


In too many situations the surgeons completely disregard that aspect and do surgery, which ends up leading to some pretty poor outcomes.


Take care.


Dr. Maggio