Why You Should't Have Carpal Tunnel Surgery.

Why you shouldn't have carpal tunnel surgery:


My wrist hurts.


I have tingling in my hand.


My fingers are numb.


You must have carpal tunnel!


In so many instances in the musculoskeletal world we try to junk box down every single symptom and pain into a one size fits all. 


The internet is loaded with information about carpal tunnel injuries. How to stretch it, how to heal it and even why you need surgery on it.


Thousands of people have carpal tunnel surgery every year and they have even got it down to a procedure that is done without having to stay overnight in the hospital.


My how far we have come!


The problem with carpal tunnel surgery and carpal tunnel release is that eventually it comes back.


So what are you to do?


If you take the surgeons advice you just have another surgery. Then another one.


Here’s the issue....


The carpal tunnel isn't even caused by the the area they are performing surgery on, which is why it comes back!


The really problem is higher up, usually in the neck, shoulder or forearm where the nerve gets stuck or glued to the muscle. This pinches off the nerve and causes symptoms down into the hand that feel like “carpal tunnel.”


So if you have had surgery for carpal tunnel and still have issues with it there is hope if you can get to a doctor that specializes in treating adhesion without surgery or injections so you can long term relief.


Take care.


Dr. Maggio