Wrong Shoulder Diagnoses

Lots of people suffer with shoulder injuries every single day and many of them end up at the orthopedic surgeons office trying to get an answer and solution.


Usually we wait until things are bad enough that we need to bring in a professional.


In many cases we end up getting what I call a “junk box” diagnosis, which is always done in order to satisfy the requirements of the insurance companies. Those of you that follow me know how I feel about the insurance companies!


So have you been dealing with a shoulder injury and been given any of the following diagnoses:


1. Impingement 

2. Tendinitis 

3. Bursitis


I am sure many of you have as they are the most common ones out there.


Here’s the issue....


They are incomplete and in most cases completely wrong!


In order to get the proper treatment you need to start with an accurate diagnosis. Unfortunately in the current medical model that doesn’t happen. 


So in the blog this week we wanted to clear up some misconceptions of shoulder injuries and give you some proper information and get you in the right direction.


1. Impingement: This is a very popular one used in the medical world everyday, essentially it just tells us that something is getting “stuck” in the shoulder. We have no idea what is getting stuck and often even the MRI doesn't give a clear picture of the problem. So the surgeons decide it would be a good idea to do some “exploratory” surgery to see what they can find. In most cases they make it worse off!


So what do you more likely have?


Some damage to the cartilage, which is referred to as the labrum and that is the pinch you feel. Unfortunately labrum surgeries don't do too well because the area gets bad blood flow and can't heal properly. So if you are considering labrum surgery it might be good to think again!


2. Tendinitis of the rotator cuff: This is one of the medical worlds favorites! The problem is that isn't even the problem, its actually much worse and is in fact degenerated.


So what do you more likely have?


Check out this video below and it explains the difference:



3. Bursitis of the shoulder: This is one of the medical models absolute favorites and it tells us one clear thing; there is a problem with the shoulder! What the problem is nobody really knows!

But what it does do is open a window of opportunity to inject it full of cortisone and make things even worse.


So what do you more likely have?


All bursitis does is tell us the area is injured and that something is inflamed. Check out this video on bursitis/cortisone and what really happens:



Here's the honest truth:


The current medical model is completely broken and nobody gets a proper diagnosis. This leads to a lot of wasted and unnecessary treatment. So if you are tired of being in pain or getting ripped off by a subpar doctor then please come in and see us.


Your injury deserves better.


Dr. Maggio