3 reasons your neck is always tight/sore.

Lets be honest here, having pain is the absolute worst! 


Having pain in the neck can be even worse, especially when it hurts all day and everyday.


Unfortunately the current medical model doesn't do a good job of explaining why things in the neck get messed up. 


So in this weeks post I wanted to cover 3 reasons why you neck is jacked up.


1. Too much time sitting, on computer and phone.

From a basic evolution standpoint we are not built to be sitting at all, yet we spend the majority of our lives sitting on our butts and looking down at a phone or computer. This wreaks havoc on our muscles in our neck, it would be like driving your car with a bad alignment, the tires wear out really quick. The same thing happens to your neck.



2. You have degeneration in there that hasn't been diagnosed.

This is a big one and its completely disregarded by many musculoskeletal professionals. They just think things are tight and need to stretch, or they are weak and need strength. This is so basic and lacks any true depth. The problem with the muscles being beat up is that causes the degeneration to continue to get worse. I always say, “the only thing worse than where you injury now is where it is going.”

3. Your pillow and bed are garbage. 

It amazes me how much people cheap out on proper sleep comforts. You spend 33 percent of your life in your bed, yet you buy the cheapest mattress and pillow and can't figure out why your neck always hurts! Spend some money on a decent pillow, and in all honesty this one is the best one out there, and its less than 100 bucks!

Sleeping Pillow

Take care. 

Dr. Maggio