Adhesion: The real cause of your injury and pain.

In today’s episode we want to go more into depth about a really important and completely misunderstood concept when it comes to having a musculoskeletal injury.


What we are talking about is called adhesion. Some people refer to it as scar tissue, but I prefer to use the word adhesion because you can actually get it without a direct injury at all, so using scar tissue can be counterproductive.


So what is adhesion?


Adhesion is like glue that gets into your muscles and keeps them from being able to stretch and contract like they are supposed to.


This can lead to pain and a lot of weakness as well. 


Recently adhesion has gotten some good attention out there, unfortunately its from people who are pretenders that really have no true understanding of how to find or fix adhesion.


The problem with having adhesion for too long is that it can speed up degeneration to the discs, cartilage and joints, leading to bigger problems down the road.


So if you have ever wondered any of the following:


Why are my muscles so tight?


Why do I have pain when I exercise?


Why does my neck hurt all the time?


Why do I tight hips?


Why does my low back ache all the time?


Why can’t I ever seem to loosen up with stretching?


You can 95 percent blame adhesion for all of this!

The issue with adhesion is that it usually doesn't show up on standard XRAY or MRI, so a lot of doctors don’t even look for it.


So if you have been injured for a long time, failed physical therapy or chiropractic, had surgery that didn't work or just tired of being in pain it might be time to find a doctor who specializes in finding and fixing adhesion.