Do you have knee pain, hip pain or low back pain? Check the ankle

In my office I see these cases all the time, people only get pain when doing a particular activity, especially in the knee, hip of low back.


One thing that is common with all three of those painful area is they need good movement from the ankle so they can also do their job.


There is one school of thought that talks about never chasing pain or focusing on symptoms, or the other one that only focuses solely on symptoms.


Both are wrong, and the middle portion is where the real information lives.


So how do you know if you back, hip or knee pain is caused by your ankle?


One simple question...


Do those areas hurt all the time, or only when you are running, jumping or squatting?


If you said yes to only when doing activities then you might have an ankle problem!


This is an older video that I made a few years back, but it still reigns true today:



Check and out and try the test out on yourself.


So what to do?


First off find a doctor that specializes in diagnosing and treating soft tissue adhesion, especially the treatment of what is called adhesion as shown in the video below:



Dr. Maggio