Why you shouldn't have back surgery

Why you shouldn't have back surgery:


Should I have that back surgery?








In case you didn't hear me....




So should anyone have back surgery??


Yes of course, but here are the criteria for that.


You have severe, unrelenting pain rated at 8/9 out 10 on daily basis. 


You are having foot drop.


You have trouble going to the bathroom.


You have sustained weakness and atrophy down the leg.


You have had the problem for more than 6 months. 


You have tried every type of conservative care out there with no results.


After all of that then you probably should have back surgery.


The problem is people get impatient, they panic and don't give things time to settle down. 


They end up in the surgeons office and see there bad disc clear as day on MRI.


Surgeons says you will be good as new in 6 to 8 weeks and gets you scheduled for surgery.


I wish it was all that easy, but the truth of the matter is that back surgery has a pretty lousy outcome in our current medical model.


How lousy?


So lousy that they have created a new diagnosis code called failed back surgery, thats some serious stuff!


II just recently made a video on the Tiger Woods saga and avoiding surgery listed below:



Take care.


Dr. Maggio