Carpal tunnel or wrist pain?

In today’s muscle of the day we are continuing our week on nerves and nerve entrapments. As we said in other posts this week nerves can get stuck or glued to surrounding muscles in 156 different places in the body. That is a lot of places for problems to occur!


When you have a nerve entrapment it may present like the following symptoms:










Severe Pain


Have you ever been guilty of thinking a pain down in your wrist or hand must be carpal tunnel?


Do you actually get numbness and tingling in the middle of the hand into the fingers?


Then today’s nerve might be your culprit!


Up today we have the median nerve. This muscle has quite a journey from up near the neck all the way to the wrist to get where it needs to go and to do its job.


During its long trek there is a lot of areas where it can get caught up and glued, but usually the problem will show the symptom further down in the wrist, but is that really the problem?


Most likely no.


Well not 100 percent, if you had your wrist crushed it could definitely be the true carpal tunnel.


Most likely no though. The median nerve is more likely to get caught in two other places, up in the neck and armpit, or down just below the elbow.


Unfortunately the carpal tunnel surgeons often forget their basic anatomy and continue to do a carpal tunnel release. 


Sure that might buy you a few months of relief, but it will most certainly come back. Then you get to do a few more.


Wouldn't it be a lot easier if the doctor quit messing around and got to the root cause of the problem and fixed it for good?


It would save you the time and frustration of being in a cast for a few weeks.


Luckily there are good doctors out there who are experts at looking at your from a biomechanics standpoint and able to accurately diagnose the true problem.


Even better they are the best in the world at actually fixing the problem with their hands or an instrument.


If you are lucky you have one in your area and can find them at: