Could the ankle be causing your knee, hip or low back pain?

In today’s muscle of the day we have one of the deep muscles in the calf called the Flexor Hallucis Longus.


This is a big and strong muscle that helps to flexor your big toe in its simplest form.


It also serves many other roles in ankle movement, stability and force production.


This muscle gets beat up really quickly and develops a ton of adhesion in active people, especially runners and those on their feet a lot. 


This muscle is also very crucial in a motion called dorsiflexion. 


Dorsiflexion is needed in any of the following movements:







So think about how important dorsiflexion really is to overall movement of the lower body.


When dorsiflexion is limited it can present itself in many different ways:


Ankle pain.

Knee pain.

Hip pain. 

Low back pain.


So why does this happen?


Because without proper dorsiflexion the lower body isn’t able to adequately handle the force, so it goes up the chain and the other structures end up getting beat up more.


You usually see this in a person that might only get one of the pains listed above with squatting or jumping, but in other situations those areas don’t hurt.


What you have here is a biomechanics problem and usually this muscle is one of the main culprits.


This is why it is important to always work with a biomechanics doctor when trying to figure out your injury and get a full resolution.


Dorsiflexion is a big deal and when it’s bad it can mess up a lot of other things!