Degeneration Doesn’t Go Away and Will Get Worse Over Time.

Degeneration doesn’t go away and will get worse over time.


Degeneration is a really big deal, it is nothing to joke about. I am saying that as I am sitting here with some pain in my neck and low back that came from too much football in college. I am 32 years old now and some days I feel like I am 60 and that really sucks.


Degeneration is something that is supposed to happen to you as you get into your later years, not in your 30s. Unfortunately with the rigors of modern society and a need to push our bodies to the limit in training and the gym we are seeing more and more people present with degeneration.


One of my go to lines in my office when I am really trying to get a patients attention about a problem being a really big deal is the following:


“The only thing worse than where it is now is where it is going.”


Nobody wants to think they have degeneration when they are young, but by the time you are ready to come into the doctors office usually that is one of the components of your diagnosis. 


Once the reality of the situation sets in that you really do in fact have degeneration we tend to go through the classic stages of grief, starting with denial and all the way to bargaining.


The bargaining portion is where the problem is the biggest. This is the stage where we reach out and try some gimmicky stuff like injections or magic pills to miraculously get rid of our degeneration. 


Trust me that stuff doesn't work, if it did I wouldn't be sitting here right now with this pain in my neck!


So what is a person to do who has degeneration?


Respect that you have it, stop beating your body up so much and get to a doctor that can improve your function by restoring as much range of motion to the degenerated joint or muscle.


Or you can keep doing all the same things and have surgery down the road, leading to even more problems.


The choice is yours, but I hope you pick the first one.


Take care.


Dr. Maggio