Do you really need exercises for your injury.

In today’s video we are going a very important concept that gets completely disregarded by 95 percent of musculoskeletal practitioners out there.


That concept is jumping to strength training to quick before doing the necessary steps to get to that point.


There is an order of operations to help fix any injury and it goes as the following:


1. Restore range of motion.

2. Balance strength.

3. Increase strength.


Whenever someone gets injured the first question I usually get from them is the following:


“What type of exercises do I need to do to fix this.”


I don’t blame people for thinking this way and the internet is loaded with a ton of bogus information on ways to “fix” your problem with a few simple exercises.


Trust me, I wish it was that easy.


Because there are some days when I am breaking up adhesion on a muscle that is loaded with adhesion that I wish I could just put the patient through a series of exercises and save my hands the load.


Unfortunately that doesn't work.


The first step is ALWAYS to restore range of motion.


It is the most important step out there in fixing an injury.


It is also the most skill based and most difficult to actually do.


It takes a long time and energy to become an expert at fixing range of motion. I’m not talking about fixing range of motion for a few hours with some tricks and stretches, I am talking about a long term sustainable change in range of motion.


This can only happen when effectively identifying and reducing adhesion.


Once you do that then it can be time to strengthen, but not until you put full range back into the joint.


If you try to strengthen before you restore range you will never get a full resolution.


Follow the rules and each step and you will be in a great place!