Do you really need rotator cuff surgery?

Are you considering having surgery on your rotator cuff tear? 


Have you already had a rotator cuff tear that really didn't do to well?


Do you have have shoulder pain, especially with movement or pressing motions?


Do you just like fun and interesting facts about unnecessary surgeries or some information on why you should skip the surgery?


If you answered yes to any of these questions then this post is definitely for you.


Let’s start off with some fun and interesting facts about rotator cuff tears:


“The prevalence of rotator cuff tear in the general population was 22.1%, which increased significantly with each decade of life. Asymptomatic tear was twice as common as a symptomatic tear.”


So the issue here and the crazy findings from this study is that twice as many people have a rotator cuff tear that doesn't even produce any symptoms at all!


Mind blown!


Unfortunately this doesn’t stop endless amounts of orthopedic doctors all across the world from doing rotator cuff repairs when many people might not of even needed them.


We are in a modern day epidemic where we have gotten lazy and restricted by the insurance companies to try to dumb down or speed up the process.


It typically goes like this for a shoulder injury.


1. My shoulder hurts and I do some research online.

2. Convince myself that I have a tear.

3. Go to my primary care doctor, who actually isn’t good at all at this stuff as shown by the video below:


4. They refer you out for an orthopedic consult.

5. Orthopedic doctor looks at a few images, moves your shoulder around and says looks like you have impingement.

6. You get offered a cortisone shot, and if you know how I feel about those check this out:


7. 6 weeks of PT, because insurance won’t cover a surgery without some “conservative care.”

8. PT makes it worse, so now you have surgery.

9. Pay a ridiculous deductible, miss work and be in a sling for a month.

10. A few months later you still have pain.


Now what?!?


You go back to the orthopedic doctor, they tell you to get another injection and more PT.


It doesn’t work and it will never work!


The problem here is the tear might not even be the problem, the real issue is the surrounding muscles can’t do their job so they shift it to the other muscles that get overloaded and tear.


The good news is there is doctors out there trained in a system that allows you to get the function of your shoulder back without more surgeries or tears.


Check them out here.


Take care. 


Dr. Maggio