Why is the Doctor/Patient Relationship Combative?

Why is the doctor/patient relationship combative?


You hear this all the time from people that are going through an injury or dealing with some type of medical issue...


I am going to prove that doctor wrong and show him/her that they are wrong!


I understand that strong desire when trying to battle some type of illness or bad circumstance like cancer, but I hate when I hear it with a musculoskeletalinjury. 


I don’t blame people at all for not believing what their doctor is saying because a majority of doctors really don't have a clue on how to effectively treat an injury. The standard norm is to give some cookie cutter advice and throw some drugs at it.


The problem with all that is that you will still have your problem once the drugs wear off and in most cases it will be a lot worse than where it started. 


I can assure you when you come into my office to get a proper assessment and plan for treatment I am on the same page as you.


I want you to be healthy, happy and doing the things you love. The problem is in the beginning we are going to have to cut back on your activity or even flat out stop doing that.


That is usually a tough sell for my patients, especially my really active ones who feel as if they might die if they can't train or workout.


I assure you won't die or lose any gains.


The battle I always fight with patients is the idea that maybe the one thing you love to do is actually causing all your pain and dysfunction. Taking a break from that to get fixed is truly important and needed so you don't have to stop forever, or even worse have surgery.


This is another one of those hard truths coming at you...


If you go to a doctor and there is no activity modification during the treatment process then they are just trying to appease you in the short term. The hard reality is you have to cut back and if you don’t you will be in an even worse place down the road.


Take care.


Dr. Maggio