Sorry it's Not Elbow Tendinitis, You Actually Have Degeneration

Many people end up suffering an injury to their elbow and end up getting the wrong diagnosis for the problem.


Without a proper diagnosis you can never have a proper treatment.


Many people who have an elbow injury get the diagnosis of tendinitis in the elbow, usually told to wear a brace, lay off it for a few weeks and see how it goes.


It feels better when they take the time off, but as soon as they ramp up activity the problem is right back, and even worse this time around.


This leads to a referral to the orthopedic doctor, where they spend all of about 2 minutes doing an “exam,” they say you have tendinitis of the elbow and offer a cortisone shot and you will be as good as new!


Unfortunately you aren't any better and probably worse off in the long run because the diagnosis was wrong and actually a lot worse and very degenerated. 



Degeneration is NEVER something to mess around with and it tends to get worse and worse over time, leading to a lot more pain and suffering down the road. The worst part of course is that the cortisone shot actually make the degeneration even worse, which is kind of counter productive.


This doesn't stop people from getting more injections and a continued improper diagnosis. So if you are having elbow pain and have been giving the diagnosis of tendinitis maybe its time to dig in a bit further on the true cause.


The problem with an undiagnosed problem is that eventually it will get a lot worse and your only option will in fact be surgery, which is never what you want. 


Check out this article I wrote on degeneration.


So if you have been dealing with an elbow injury for quite some time now it might be time to think outside the box and find a doctor that can accurately diagnose and fix your problem.


Take care.


Dr. Maggio