How bad can your injury really get?

In today’s video we are covering a very real and important topic.

How bad can your injury really get?

We tend to think where we are now with our current injury is in fact as bad as it can be.

Maybe we can only run 5 miles, when we used to be able to run 10.

Our max on our deadlift used to be 415, now its 315 with some pain.

Our back is sore when we first get out of bed and after awhile its just annoying.

Our neck pain wakes us up 2 times a night and is a bother.

Our knee starts acting up on mile 4 of a 10 mile run and adds time to our run.

All of these things aren't great, but definitely not the worst it can be.

I use a line in my office and it’s always true and honest:

“The only thing worse than where your injury now is where it is going.”

I have been talking about it all week and the importance of listening to your bodies pain and symptoms as it is telling you that something is in fact wrong and you should pay attention.

Your injury isn't going to magically go away and thinking it will can actually be a bigger problem in the long run.