How long should my treatments take?

In my office once you do the first initial comprehensive exam (30 minutes) you are then put on a treatment plan that starts off with 2 times per week for 4 weeks. 

I then use the line, "the treatments are brief, but intense."

The next question is always, "how brief?"

I respond with a smile and say "10 minutes."

Usually I get a puzzled look back from the patient and they can't believe it only takes that short of time and wonder how can you get anything done?

People have become engrained with this idea that the money spent must be equal to the time spent.

They say they can go to the massage therapist for a WHOLE hour for the same price that I charge for 10 minutes!

The key here is in the results and not wasting time.

In my office we are able to accurately diagnosis your problem and figure out EXACTLY what area needs to be treated and not waste any other time.

We are all busy enough, so if I can do more work and better work in 10 minutes than any massage therapist could do isn't that more valuable?

You wouldn't be made if you took your car into the shop and the mechanic said it will be done in a week, but you actually get it back in 2 days. 

Would you want a discount or to pay less? 

NO! You would just be happy that the car is done earlier.

Our goal is to fix it as quick as possible and not waste time.

Who wastes time? 

Pretty much every other doctor you see!

At the chiropractor they put you on heat/stim that really does nothing and keep you waiting.

Our goal is to get you fixed as quick as possible so you can get back out there and live life!

Take care.

Dr. Maggio