Is conservative care going to help with your migraines and headaches?

Millions of people suffer everyday with headaches. Some people get what is called tension headaches, headaches of stress or even full blown migraine like headaches.


We can all agree that having a headache can actually flat out suck. We never know when they might strike, but when they do we can forget about getting anything accomplished for an extended period of time.


If you are one of the lucky ones you can pop a quick aspirin and it might do the trick and get you feeling better.


The key is the feeling better part, it didn't really fix anything just raised your threshold so you don’t notice the pain as much. Over time there is some real harsh side effects that come from using that stuff for more than a few days. The side effects usually aren't shown for a long time until you have some kidney or liver troubles, but that is a whole other post down the road.


Now we get to the chronic headache and migraine people...


These people are usually in a bad spot and don't have the benefit of just being able to pop an aspirin to “feel” better. They usually have to go to more harsh remedies, that can really mess them up.


Headaches and migraines are crippling to the workforce in the modern working population, currently the treatment methods for them are subpar and downright dangerous.


We have made very few strides over the years in the realm of treating headaches and they seem to be getting worse for people over the years.


Why is this happening? 


Because the majority of doctors do a really poor job of properly assessing and examining a headache patient.


We become way too symptom based in our focus and are always trying to find where to apply our treatment/technique, instead of asking good questions to see if the patient is even going to respond to our treatment methods.


The majority of doctors go in with what I call “blinders” on and only are looking for the place to apply their methods. This leads to missing out on some key information.


I am a conservative care doctor, who is focused on function and biomechanics.


One key question that I always want to know is if your also have neck pain associated with your headaches/migraines. If so you are a great candidate for conservative care, if not your headaches may just be a lot of other factors:


Stress, diet, hormones, etc. 


In the conservative care realm we tend to always think it is a tissue issue causing the problem, but we must make sure we properly interpret the data to see if the patient even needs what we do.


The attention to details is very important and if you have been doing treatment with a conservative care doctor to “fix” your headaches with no real progress maybe its time to ask the question: 


“Do I have neck pain associated with my headaches?”


Tommorow we are going to cover the underlooked culprits of headaches and migraines if you do have neck pain.