Is getting rid of just the symptoms bad for you?

In today’s episode we are covering the topic and downfall of treatments for your injury that only improve symptoms, but don’t actually fix the function of the tissue and joint.


Unfortunately these type of treatments have become the standard norm in our current medical model.


As I have said before our current medical model is completely broken, we focus way too much on alleviating symptoms, instead of getting the root cause of the dysfunction and what is truly causing the symptoms.


Pain and symptoms are there for a reason. They are there to tell you that something is wrong, getting overloaded and to get your attention.


Too many practitioners out there choose treatments to try to get rid of the pain symptoms, but do absolutely nothing to actually figure out why the symptom is happening or treating the real issue to prevent further problems down the road.


Any treatment that only focuses on getting rid of your symptoms and not improving your function is downright dangerous.


What types of treatments or techniques are we talking about?


Pain medications

Cortisone shots


Nerve burning

Kinesio tape

Nueromuscular retraining


All of these above “treatments” do is to take the symptom away for a period of time. The problem with taking away the symptom is that you no longer have the feed back from the body that the problem is still there and to not load it anymore.


Unfortunately people end up a lot worse in the long term by using these methods and have a lot more pain down the road.


So the take home here is don’t just address the symptoms, figure out the whole picture and avoid a bigger problem down the road.