Knee surgery worthless?

In the US alone there are over 700,000 meniscal tear surgeries done.

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That's a lot of procedures and even more money for the doctors!


The crazy part is a lot of people never even needed that surgery in the first place or ended up worse off after.


That doesn't stop it from being one of the most popular knee procedures in the US.


So let’s back up and just go over the basic roll of the meniscus:


It helps to cushion the knee, almost similar to the shocks in your car. It doesn't a really good job at it as well.


So why does it get damaged in so many people?




Physics and biomechanics.


The knee is really good at handling what is called “compressive loads” which is basically force from up and down.


What is not designed for is called “shearing loads” where it slides and grinds on itself.


This causes the meniscus to get “older before it’s time” and wear out. This leads to pain, swelling and all sorts of problems.


Once those problems get bad enough we decide to bring in a specialist and get an MRI.


The MRI comes back with a tear and you get scheduled for surgery ASAP!




Now everything will be great, just a simple surgery and you will be back at it in 6-8 weeks, as good as new!




Here’s the problem...


Yes they may have “fixed” the tear, but the didn't fix what was causing it...


Your lousy biomechanics in your foot or ankle.


So then you end up back at the doctor and he looks puzzled and tells you maybe more surgery or some pain meds.


Now you are really in trouble.


So the point is simple....


If you have knee pain without any real trauma theres a good chance that the source of the pain is coming from somewhere else in the body.


Luckily there are doctors out there who are trained to look at you as a whole and fix all the dysfunction so you can avoid the surgery that you really don’t need, you can find them here.


Dr. Maggio