Please don’t have back surgery

This week my topic is pretty straightforward and focused on the downfalls of having surgery before you have exhausted all other conservative treatment methods.


It broke my heart a few weeks ago when I saw the coach of the Golden State Warriors and former professional basketball player Steve Kerr breaking down about how horrible his journey has been with dealing with his back injury. It’s a shame to see that. He was done a huge injustice and now must live in pain the rest of his life.


That really sucks and it didn't need to happen.


The lousy part here was he was just following the advice of the doctors and really trusted their opinion, I mean come on they are doctors!


Unfortunately for him, and a lot of other people that suffer around the world the back surgery was the worst decision ever. 


The ironic and sad part about it all is that these patients had no idea how bad it would really get and the doctors were just doing what they are trained in.


In my training and studies I have always learned to follow a strict idea and approach:


The treatment has to always match the diagnosis.


We fall victim in the current medical model of we see something on the MRI so that must be the problem and go in to “fix” it.


We cover the symptom, but do a lousy job of figuring out what caused it and how the patient is on a functional level.


Musculoskeletal care is really bad and usually has subpar and poor outcomes due to doctors only diagnosing in what they are trained in, instead of what the patient really needs.


The people who end up suffering the most are the patients and thats a damn shame.


So if I can implore to please try all conservative care before you ever even consider back surgery!


Take care. 


Dr. Maggio