Non-surgical approach to fixing carpal tunnel

Pain or numbness down in your wrist or your hand?!?


Then you must have carpal tunnel!


Not even close and in most cases you have never had it, even if you ever had “carpal tunnel” like symptoms. 


We get so inclined in the medical world to try to junk box or simplify the diagnosis, if it hurts here then it must be that.


Sorry to tell you but the body is a little more complicated than that!


So do you really have carpal tunnel?


Have you had carpal tunnel surgery and it just came back?


Are you sick of having numb or tingling in your hands?


If you answered yes to any of this then this blog is for you!


The real cause of carpal tunnel is actually coming from the neck and some areas in the armpit. 


Armpit you say??




Here’s what happens:


Nerves need to make their way through muscles to get to where they need to go. They are built in with a little bit of extra “slack” to keep them health, almost like they are able to floss through the muscle.


What happens is that nerve gets glued to the muscle, and now it can't slide and gets pressed on. 


This doesn't make the nerve to happy and usually it presents with pain further down the arm into the elbow and the hand.


Pictured below is the two areas it can get jammed up.



The doctors then begin to treat only the symptoms and do a carpal tunnel release. You feel better for a few months, but then it comes back!


Why did it come back?


Because they never got to the root cause of the problem!


The best part is that this condition is completely treatable without drugs and surgery!


In my office I specialize in diagnosing and treating these nerve entrapments.


So if you have failed with carpal tunnel surgery or just tired of having numb hands there is hope for you!


You just have to get to the right doctor who can accurately diagnose and fix the problem.


Dr. Maggio