A Hands-on and Drug Free Treatment for Migraines

Let’s just get this right out in the open here...


Headaches are the freaking worst! They are even worse when they become a full blown migraine!


Now all life has to stop and you just need to get in a dark room and wait it out. The migraines don't care that you are busy at work or driving your kid to soccer practice.


They often come out of nowhere and can literally kick you in the ass!


The worst part of all this is that the current treatment model for migraines is absolutely horrible.


We blame it on all sorts of lifestyle factors:





Diet Soda

Birth Control

Bad luck



Getting even further down the path is the treatment for these, which actually blow my mind!


When the “extra strength migraine” crap stops working you then go next level...


Super expensive drugs that cost like 50 bucks a pill or even better....


They inject it with botox!


That stuff is toxic no matter what!


People get desperate and feel like they are just doomed to having their migraines, and when I hear that I feel awful for them.


I then get mad at the medical model and that just leads me to more anger.


Here’s the honest truth that nobody, especially doctors, are telling you...


Migraines are easily treated, without drugs or injections, and most of the time they are just caused by the muscles in our neck getting over worked.


This leads to adhesion in the muscle as pictured below:



Adhesion causes pain, weakness and decreased flexibility.


When these tiny muscles at the base of your skull get adhesion they can trigger headaches and migraines. 


The lucky part is that adhesion is completely reversible with the treatment that I do and other doctors like me around the world.


So if you are tired of having migraines and told you just have to live with them I am here to say there is doctors out there who can actually fix it, for good!


Take care.


Dr. Maggio