Pain? Weakness? Decreased Flexibility? You probably have adhesion.

In today’s episode of the #dailyknowledgeproject we want to continue talking about adhesion and what it can actually cause.

As I have said all week, adhesion is a really big deal and if its left unchecked it can lead to a lot of bigger problems down the road like the following:

Muscle tears.

Ligament tears.

Tendon tears.



Disc injuries.

Cartilage tears.



The problem with adhesion is that it doesn't usually show up on an XRAY or MRI until it is really bad.


Adhesion forms from an area being overloaded and worked too hard, mostly from having to sit in really poor and bad postures for a long period of time.


When this happens the area doesn't get enough blood and oxygen, so the body responds by laying down adhesion to help ease the load in the area.


Over time that adhesion gets bigger and bigger, putting more pressure on the surrounding tissues.


By the time you actually get the symptom of pain it has already been there for a very long time.


Adhesion is plaque in your muscles and leaving it too long can eventually lead to a cavity.


Imagine what your teether would like if you never went to the dentist!


This is what happens to your muscles over the years.


Adhesion is a big deal and very few out there are experts at finding and fixing it.


Getting rid of adhesion early in the injury process is extremely vital to avoid bigger problems down the road, like more pain and surgery.


So the take home here is pretty simple:


Respect adhesion and get it fixed before it cause more problems down the road!