Don't Pick Chiropractor Based On Your Insurance - Can Be Costly

We’ve all heard about it over and over again —  Obamacare! Obamacare! Obamacare!  People were either for it or against it, but in the end it got implemented and we are left with it.  So no use complaining about it or screaming how “unjust” it is.  It’s here and now we’re starting to see the ramifications that have come from it being initiated.

There is a BIG shift in healthcare that is coming.  Reimbursement rates are getting lower and lower for doctors, yet our premium rates continue to grow.  So we know who is making the most out of that situation — the insurance companies and their shareholders. That in itself is an injustice that I am not even going to get into right now.  Getting back on point.

What happens when the reimbursement rates go down for doctors?

The doctor has to see twice as many patients just to continue to make what they did before.  This leads to a bad trickle down effect and you are the one that suffers in the long run.

So all of these bad things happen to your doctor when they have to take insurance:

  • They have to overbook. Which means you get the awesome “privilege” of waiting for what seems like an eternity, just to see the doctor for a few minutes.
  • The doctor is forced to diagnose you strictly on what will be covered, often not even what you may have.
  • Some guy in a suit 1000 miles away gets to decide what care you truly need, not your doctor.
  • Your treatment plan gets based on what is “covered” and often not what you truly need.
  • In most cases, you get the same exact treatment every single time.
  • The treatment plan is based on how many visits are covered. So usually if you are covered for 20 it’s going to take 20.
  • Many problems often go under diagnosed because the doctor just doesn’t have the time or the resources to adequately address the issue.

All in all, it’s pretty much a messed up situation that is only going to get worse in the coming years.

So getting back to the “shift” I mentioned earlier.

The shift has already begun to occur. Good, quality doctors are not taking insurance anymore and are often dropping those plans. They aren’t going to play victim to the nonsense that insurance companies play.  In the end the person that loses out the most is the patient.  The doctors that are on the good part of the “shift” are those that are providing clinical excellence and quality service.  Where in the world is the cheapest thing ever the best thing?

So in closing, just going to someone who takes your insurance can actually prove to be a disaster.  Our follow-up post will be on how difficult it can be to be a patient.