Rotator cuff tear without any trauma?

In our last video for the week we are covering a really misunderstood concept; how did you tear your shoulder without any real trauma or direct injury.

I see this a lot in my office where people come in for shoulder complaints, but can't recall any direct injury to the area.

We end up ordering the MRI and it comes back with multiple areas of partial tears and leaves the patient somewhat perplexed. 

How did this actually happen?

Its actually more common to have an injury to an area without trauma then those will direct trauma.

Why does this happen?

Because we spend too much time sitting and in bad postures, be it at a desk or slouching down on our couch scrolling through social media.

When this happens it puts our muscles in a state of constant contraction and they develop a lot of what is called adhesion.

Adhesion is like glue that gets inside the muscle and keeps the muscle from being able to stretch and move how it is designed. 

It also makes the muscle very weak. 

Thats the key component. 

When one muscle is weak or overused it must get force from a neighboring muscle, and usually that is the one that ends up getting beat up the most, leading to the partial tear.

So if you have a partial tear without trauma this is most likely the case.

Luckily there are good doctors out there that can help treat you conservatively and avoid bigger problems down the road.

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