Sciatica or low back pain? Check this area.

In today’s muscle of the day we are keeping on theme for the week and continuing the focus on nerves, specifically nerve entrapments and what they can cause.


As we said yesterday nerves can get stuck the muscles with what is called adhesion and present with the following:







Up today we have a nerve that almost every one has heard of, the sciatic nerve.


Most people junk box this nerve into any problem related to back pain or leg down the leg.


I hear it all the time in my clinic where people insist they must just have some sciatica. 


Unfortunatelythere is a lot more involved with an entrapment of the sciatic nerve and it can actual be the main cause for a lot of other problems.


So what can a nerve entrapment of the sciatic nerve lead to?


Low back pain

Hip pain

Hamstring tightness

Knee pain

Quad dominance 


So why does this happen?


When the sciatic nerve is stuck to the muscle, more specifically a deep muscle in your butt it causes all the muscles around there to tighten up to protect the nerve. If the nerve is getting compromised you won’t work correctly so the body sacrifices everything else to keep it safe.


When this happens the muscles that are supposed to support your knee, hip and low back can’t, thus leading to those pain.


Often the above mentioned problems have a poor resolution because the practitioner is unable to get to the root cause of the problem.


This area in the body is probably the most common area in the human body to get adhesion and a nerve entrapment?


Why is this?


Because we spend too much of our lives sitting on our butts. When this happens it puts a lot of pressure on the muscle and nerve, leading to the adhesion.

One last thing...


Have you always been that person with tight hamstrings that can’t touch your toes?


If so you most likely have this problem as well and proper treatment to the area will get you touching the floor in no time!