Shoulder degeneration and rotator cuff tears.

In today’s video we are continuing our week on shoulder injuries and shoulder management. 


Today we are focusing on degeneration in the shoulder, especially to the tendons themselves.


In too many situations the word tendinitis gets thrown around and used as a junk box diagnosis of what is really going on in the shoulder.


The real issue is actually something a lot worse...


This is a called a tendinosis and its actually a degenerative process that happens in the tendons in the shoulder as a response to increased load demands on the shoulder.


Over time the muscles of the rotator cuff get overused, be it from working out too much or bad postures.


When this happens the muscles get loaded up with what is called adhesion.


Adhesion is like glue that gets inside the muscle and keeps it from being able to stretch and contract how its supposed to.


This leads to weakness in the shoulder and altered stability.


Well the force must go somewhere and usually that force ends up going to the tendons.


When this happens the body lays down more tendon to help ease the load.


The problem is that tendon isn't good quality and often will tear.


So if you have a rotator cuff tear the chances are you had a tendinosis in the first place. If you have a diagnosis of rotator cuff tendinosis take great caution because that tendon is on the verge of tearing and can be even bigger problems for you.