What's the deal with shoulder impingement?

What’s the deal with shoulder impingement?


Do you have shoulder pain?


Is it starting to become a problem, keeping you from doing things that you love, or even worse is it keeping you awake at night?


A basic search on google might lead you to the diagnosis of shoulder impingement...


And now you get to go down the rabbit’s hole and never make it out pain free.


People and doctors absolutely love the diagnosis of shoulder impingement for any shoulder injury, it makes it easy for them and even easier to appease the insurance companies!


The problem is that it doesn't tell us anything, except for the fact that something is wrong with the shoulder.




Now what are we to do?


Get a tissue specific diagnosis and that is usually done by a biomechanics focused doctor who focuses on accurately diagnosing the problem.


Unfortunately not many of them exist, but if you are lucky you have one in your area who can actually help.


So in a simple standpoint, yes there can be something getting “impinged” in the shoulder, so they get half credit from me, but the real work is in knowing what is really going on.


So if you have shoulder pain, which isn't any better, but have the diagnosis of impingement then maybe its time for a new doctor who can actually figure out what is wrong with you.


Even better if they can fix you as well!


Good luck and take care. 


Dr. Maggio