Why you shouldn't have shoulder surgery

Why you shouldn't have shoulder surgery:


Millions of people all over the world suffer with shoulder pain and dysfunction.


Even crazier is that many people have some form of a rotator cuff tear that don't even know they have it.


Other issues that arise is cartilage damage, more commonly known as labrum tears in the shoulder.


There was a mind blowing study that was just done measuring fake surgery vs. real surgery for labrum problems showing that the results were the same if you had surgery or not!




That alone should serve as a caution for anyone considering shoulder surgery.


We are an instant gratification society that wants results right away and often think surgery is the quick fix, but the problem is that it might not even be what you need.


Now is the part where I say rehab, rehab and rehab that injury.


The problem with that is the conservative approach by most practitioners for shoulder injuries isn't very good either.


It starts with exercises to build strength, but they never take the time to actually restore the range of motion first.


Without full range of motion all the strength building will be obsolete and might actually further damage the shoulder.


Get to a doctor that specializes in biomechanics, is able to restore the range of motion of the shoulder and then properly strengthen.


It has to go in that order and if you violate that you will never get better.


Take care.


Dr. Maggio