Is Surgery Really Your Only Option?

Is surgery really your only option?


We live in a very short term thinking society and have been engrained in this idea of instant gratification. We want results now and don't really want to put the work in to see things through.

This is an epidemic across our country, it makes us impatient and often leads to us making some decisions in haste.


This instant gratification idea always spills over into the world of being injured and dealing with the injury.


In far too many situations we get injured, panic and don't take the time to really examine and weigh all their options.


When people are scared they tend to not make rational decisions and end up at the orthopedic surgeons office. The surgeon does what surgeons do, they recommend surgery.


Well they recommend surgery after a few injections and a round of usually failed physical therapy, but that is a topic for a different post.


What happens now is people end up jumping to surgery before they actually give it enough time or try some conservative care that will actually work, not the cookie cutter approach of traditional chiropractic or physical therapy.


I see far too many people in my office that say they wished they never had surgery because their problem is actually worse off.


Don’t believe me?


Ask Tiger Woods or Steve Kerr how they feel about surgery.

Surgery should always be your last option, after you have tried out everything else, and even in some cases it might not even be a good option for you.


Take care. 


Dr. Maggio