The importance of pain and symptoms to your injury.

In today’s episode we are covering the topic of pain and symptoms, more importantly what are they there for in the first place.


People experience some level of pain or discomfort each and everyday, usually just putting them off as some minor aches and pains, nothing to really worry about.


In the beginning stages the pain is more of an annoyance, but nothing you can't deal with. We strongly believe that over time it will just kind of go away on its own and not be a problem anymore.


In some cases that can happen and you will be good to go. In many cases though that pain tends to get progressively worse and builds up over time.


In the early stages the body is just trying to warn us that something isn't right and get our attention a bit. Nothing crazy, just a polite reminder that it doesn't like what you are doing.


This is where it can go two different ways:


1. You can ignore that pain and keep doing what you are doing and hope and pray that it will go away eventually. I call this the delusional approach.


2. You can actually try to get to someone to figure out what is going on and why you are feeling the way you are. I call this the proactive approach.


Either way eventually you are going to have to deal with the pain and symptoms, but its a lot easier and usually cheaper to get it fixed in the early stages.


So what is pain and symptoms for?


To tell you that something is wrong!


It is a great evolutionary mechanism that is built into every human being to let you know that something is wrong.


Choosing to ignore or think it will go away will actually cause more problems down the road.


All week long our focus is going to be on pain, symptoms and the pitfalls of treatment that only addresses pain.


Stayed tuned.