Your Devices are the True Case ut Your Headaches and Migraines

Your posture and being on your devices is the true cause for your headaches and migraines

Anyone who has ever had a migraine can tell you that they are the absolute worst. In many cases they can come out of nowhere and force you to stop doing whatever you are doing, lay down and just try to wait it out. They can be truly debilitating and keep you from enjoying your life.


Migraine diagnosis and treatment are handled really lousy in the current medical model. They get blamed for everything:


Hormonal problems.



Not drinking enough water.



While some of these factors are causes, they are not the one and all for it. This is why migraine treatment is so unsuccessful because we spend too much time treating the symptoms instead of getting to the root cause of the problem. This is how medicine is as a whole and we spend way to much time trying to chase symptoms instead of getting down to what is really causing it.


Then we go to extremes, including injecting botox and taking some harsh meds to just alleviate the symptoms a bit, but they always end up coming back.


In many cases of migraines I have seen in my office the patient often comes in feeling hopeless and on their “last ditch effort” get these resolved. I see that pain in their eyes and can tell they have been getting their butt kicked for far too long.


When I hear that it makes me sad because there is a way to fix these migraines and its actually pretty simple. 


Too good to be true?




The true cause of most migraines is pretty simple. We have these tiny little muscles in the back of our neck called the suboccipital muscles.


When we sit, have lousy posture or check our phones non stop all day there muscles get really beat up and develop a ton of adhesion in the muscles.


This leads to pain, decreased flexibility and weakness in the muscles The problem when these muscles get beat up is that they can trigger those migraines. The good news is that adhesion is completely reversible with expert treatment and these doctors do exist and our trained in the integrative diagnosis system.

Take care.


Dr. Maggio