Tight neck or tight traps? Read on.


In our last #muscleoftheday we have the Trapezius muscle, often referred to as the Trap.


It is a big and giant muscle and usually overdeveloped in many people. 


This muscle has a lot of jobs to do:


Retraction, superior rotation, elevation and depression of the shoulder.


In our current modern society we are in an epidemic of overdeveloped traps and many people wear them as a badge of being awesome. We often go “look at the traps on that guy, he must be super strong.”


I’m sure that guy or girl is super strong, but it is not a functional strong. Functional strong is the way to be.


So why are the traps so overdeveloped?


Because we spend the majority of our lives looking down at our phone, sitting in the worst postures ever and we need to get some stability from somewhere, so our body recruits the traps.


The problem here is that the traps aren't designed to really support the neck, but they lend a hand, but it leads to a ton of dysfunction.


So what does conventional wisdom tell us to do with these traps?


Roll them, stretch them, roll them and then stretch them some more!


Its a never-ending cycle and people just continue to think they just need to do more stretching because it’s so “tight.”


This is not what it needs! What it needs is a doctor who can figure out WHY the trap is getting overworked and get to the true cause of the dysfunction, not just trying to deal with the symptoms of what is going on.


The best doctors in the world are trained in the Integrative Diagnosis system and are experts at figuring out what is really going on!