Tired of neck pain, headaches and migraines? Read on.

I have always said being in pain just flat out sucks. 


When you are in pain it robs you of attention and dictates every part of your day. It tends to be there when you get up and sticks with you all day, even wakes you up at night.


When you get a moment where you don’t have pain it definitely feels like its too good to be true and we know it won’t last.


We have become accustomed to just living with pain, embracing it as weakness leaving the body, something we are stuck with or something to just ignore all the time.


We all get some form of pain throughout the day and many of us are very hard and difficult on our bodies.


A lot of the pain we have we know is our own fault because we do like to push our bodies to the limit and do stupid things.


The issue that I see a lot is that many of the pains and dysfunctions that we have are being caused by things we don't even think could be a problem.


By the time we have the pain the problem has been there for so long that the symptom is the last thing to come about, its the bodies way of getting our attention that something is in fact very wrong.


We then do WHATEVER we can to get rid of the symptoms, because in all honesty being in pain sucks.


We do a poor job of figuring out why the pain is there in the first place and just go for whatever will take the pain away the quickest.


This is no surprise in our instant gratification society and we can’t be burdened with pain.


I myself live every single day in some form of pain, be it my neck or my back. It sucks, and some days its really bad that I can’t even focus.


I know why I have the pain, because I thought playing football for 14 years was a good idea.


I have to be honest with you....


It wasn’t at all and I wish I never did play sometimes.


So this gets me to my point...


Pain sucks, but its necessary to let you know something is in fact very wrong.


My focus and my blogs are going to be solely on how to figure out what to do about your injuries, what caused it and why the current medical model will inevitably fail you for your injury, unless of course you have access to the top 5 percent of doctors. 


Only 5 percent you say?




That sucks. 


The truth sucks. 95 percent of musculoskeletal doctors are complete garbage and will never be able to actually figure out what is wrong with you or even come close to fixing your problem.


Its a harsh reality, but it’s the truth.


I am different, better and more effective than any other doctors out there. Luckily there is a few more just like me in the world and if you are lucky you have access to them as well.


So lets get down to business and get things moving in the right direction for getting to the root cause and way to help with your injury.


This week we are starting with neck pain and headaches/migraines, so stayed tuned and if you know anyone that is suffering with this stuff let them know about us.


Our goal is to help anyone dealing with an injury so they get the care and treatment they deserve!


Dr. Maggio