Treatments that only fix pain are dangerous.

In today’s episode we are focusing on the pitfalls of opting for a treatment that only focuses on your symptoms, but does nothing to improve your function.


Treatments like this are absolutely dangerous and downright wrong for any problem.


The issue we face is that these types of treatments are common place in the current medical model.


We have some pain so we jump right away to finding something to get rid of the pain, usually an over the counter drug.


Sure this might take the pain away for a little bit, but what was the pain in there in the first place for?


To tell you that something is in fact wrong.


Pain usually starts off slow and lets you know slightly that it doesn't like what you are doing, it is your bodies built in defense system to help let you know that there is in fact some problem going there.


We live in this tuff guy mantra, pain is weakness leaving the body or pain is for the weak.


No you idiots, pain is your bodies way of telling you that something is in fact very wrong and you should listen.


Eventually your body will get your full attention and let you really have it if you continue to ignore the symptoms.


Pain is your bodies check engine light and lets you know that something is wrong, you can choose to ignore it, but eventually the whole thing will blow up.


Unfortunately there are a lot of doctors out there that play in the illusion as well and just try to get rid of the pain.


Without fixing the tissue and function you are in big trouble.


So the take home here is to listen to your body, get to the root cause of the problem and avoid a bigger problem down the road.