What my disc injuries have taught me about slowing down.

I want to be open to admit something, I am a horrible hypocrite.


I always preach to people about the importance of taking care of your body and not ignoring pain, giving you body a chance to recover and not be injured.


I am a hypocrite because I never did that myself when I played football in college or even all through graduate school.


I use to think I was absolutely invincible. I never had a neck issue when I played football and never thought I would have the neck of a 65 year old man when I am only 31.


But reality can be a cruel and hard bitch.


As you can see in the picture above that is my neck and according the radiologist, “looks like you have been in several high impact car accidents.” 


I have never been in an accident, so thats even more concerning for me.


What I did have was a lot of repetitive trauma each and everyday playing ball, which built up over time.


We always look and try to find that one event or injury that caused us to be in the pain we are, but in all honesty its the repetitive everyday stuff that adds up.


It also didn't help that I have that mentality of an athlete and always wanted to do more and more, and not listen to the pain signals for the body, because who has time for that nonsense!


So I learned the hard way and now I pay for it each and everyday. Some days are better than others, but there isn't a day that goes by where I don’t have some reminder that my neck really does suck.


Neck pain is cruel, its one of those things that is always there and keeps your attention away from living life.


I would give anything to not have the pain some days, but unfortunatelyI can't, so now all I can do is be loud and warn others about how bad things can really be.


So if you are being reckless or pushing it to the limits all the time take the advice of an “old” 31 year old and be kind to your neck and body because the damage is not reversible and can really effect your quality of life.


Dr. Maggio